At Trilogy Mortgage we are dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer care. We work with people throughout the State of California and are thankful for the opportunity to help clients fulfill their dreams of homeownership. Below is some feedback from past customers.

David B

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Trilogy Mortgage over the years and highly recommend them. Mike was very detailed and responsive to all my inquiries. I was very comfortable throughout the process that he was going to get me the best rate no nonsense on the back end. I was extremely happy with how smooth the entire process went.

Rick O

I’ve used Mike and his Team numerous times for refi’s and new home purchases without any issues. I’ve recommended his services to numerous friends and family members and they’ve has nothing but positive experiences. The first time Mike and his Team helped me, was during the housing crisis approximately 8-10 years ago. I had a really high interest rate and no one would help me. Not only did Mike help me refi, but the rate was unbelievable! Thank you again, Mike and your Team!

Darren R

I have used Trilogy Mortgage for the past 6 years and they have done an excellent job. I have done several refi’s and new home loans, and felt they gave me all the help and attention needed during each process. They were able to get me better rates than any large mortgage company and were really easy to work with. Would highly recommend them and will continue to use them in the future.

Greg P

I have used Trilogy Mortgage through the years and they have done an excellent job. Michael Mueller has been extremely honest and professional. He looks out for your best interest at all times. One of several loans he has done for me, the interest rate had dropped after I had locked in a rate and he was able to get me that rate. Years past, I had two other lenders that said I had a locked in rate, only to find out, the rates went up during the loan process. I have had nothing but peace of mind, during every loan Michael and Trilogy Mortgage have done for me….Any time I have had a question for Michael, he would always get back to me quickly, if U.N. able to answer my calls…Simply the BEST

Rick B

Mike and his team are great to work with. He promised me the best rate and cost, and met every promise. I have done two mortgages with Mike and Trilogy.


Mike Mueller facilitated my loan smoothly and made the process easy. Very helpful, professional and knowlegeable. Got the process on time. Did an excellent job!

Catherine N

Exceptional service from end to end! Mike found the lowest rates and closing costs for us and was able to pull us away from a big bank that we used for many home purchases and mortgage refinances. He and his team did a superb job every step of the way. I also want to point out that Gilbert, who works for Mike, guiding us in the loan process, definitely knew his stuff and always put in 110% for us throughout the loan processing. I would recommend Mike and his team to anyone! (YELP REVIEW)

Margaret C

My dad has worked with this lender twice before and gave me glowing reviews. I still did my own research into a handful of other companies and none of them came close to the rate offered here. More importantly, the service I received from Gilbert was well above my expectations. He answered countless questions & was readily available. Thank you Gilbert & Mike for taking care of everything from beginning to end. It was a joy to work with you!! (YELP REVIEW)

Jake B

I have used Trilogy several times because they provide excellent rates and excellent service. Mike really knows the business and Gilbert works to make the process easy. (YELP REVIEW)

Eric C

I was refered to Trilogy from one of my family members to a new home purchase. Just as with my brother-in-law, my experience was very good. MIke worked with me and we were able to lock a great rate while interest rates were jumping all over the place. I appreciate the hands-on attention, since I tend to worry. I would recommend Trilogy to my friends and family also. It’s nice to have some persoanl attention and not have to give up a good deal. Thank you again Trilogy! (YELP REVIEW)

Rebecca V

…Trust is hard to come by when dealing with such a large purchase, but we never for a second felt the need to question him. He always made us feel very comfortable. (YELP REVIEW)

Chuck H

I was referred to Trilogy and I would absolutely recommend them to all my friends, coworkers and relatives.  All the paperwork was complete and accurate.  The process was actually easy and I saved so much money on my mortgage.  I guess the best part was Todd took the time to explain ALL the details in a way that made everything easy to understand.  I would HIGHLY recommend Trilogy to anyone! (YELP REVIEW)

Ken T

I just completed my third refinancing transactions with Trilogy Mortgage.   They delivered as promised!   I want to give a shout out to Todd Krekos.  Todd’s attention to detail is outstanding.  He understands the process and is right on top of matters needing attention.   My experiences with Todd and Trilogy Mortgage have been very positive. (YELP REVIEW)

Colton P

I appreciate the work, Trilogy. The rates were jumping all around and Mike was able to lock in a good rate for me during the process. I was skeptical of the entire process, but was pleasantly surprised at the level of service and attention. If I had another friend in need, I would recommend Trilogy Mortgage. Ask for Mike Mueller if you call, he was very nice. (YELP REVIEW)

SA Carson P

Mike has assisted me with 2 home refinances. There were some problems with the first refinance, such that the lender did not approve the loan even after I had paid for the appraisal; however, since Mike had expected the loan to be approved, he reimbursed me for the appraisal out his own pocket. I was extremely impressed with the honesty and integrity of that action. After we submitted the loan to another lender it was approved without any problem. The second refinance (for a lower interest rate) went very smoothly and quickly. Throughout both loan applications both Mike and his entire staff were extraordinarily friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and competent. I have no hesitation recommending Mike Mueller and Trilogy Mortgage to anyone looking to finance or refinance their property.